Thoughts On Life: Real Power

You don’t have to be delusional to live in a world of your own making. At least, I hope that’s true, because ALL of us live in a world we create for ourselves.

Last summer in Chicago, we were complaining about the heat. In the summer just ended, we were complaining about the cold. Was either summer good enough for us, or do we just have to insist that God work a lot harder on our behalf?

In many ways, 2009 in Chicago offered us a great summer. Cool nights made for great sleeping weather,  the wind kept the mosquitoes at bay and we saved a ton on air conditioning costs.

On the other hand, this was the worst summer you can imagine. The wind was relentless, which made it much harder to ride a bicycle, and it was so cool that we seldom had dinner on the deck without a jacket. Yeah, we had a few meals outside between mid-July and mid-September, but this wasn’t exactly the season we dream about as we put up with Chicago winters.

So which was it: great summer or disaster? The answer lies in that world of selfish, idiosyncratic, uniquely personal perceptions that all of us inhabit. Alone.

It was a great summer, or a bad one, if I SAY IT WAS. Whatever the statistics or the measurable reality, only I have the power to judge the year. And it doesn’t matter if everybody I know thinks differently; nobody else can make the decision for me.

THIS is real power, and we don’t have to be delusional to enjoy it. We can look at the same facts as everyone else, but that doesn’t mean we have to come to the same conclusions.

Just for fun, take a sheet of paper and write a few notes about your life. Put the bad stuff on one side and the good stuff on the other. Unless you decide to cheat by ignoring one half of your life, there will be plenty of both to fill several pages. When the list is complete, both sides of the ledger will speak about facts, history and realities.

Read the two columns separately. It will be like reading the stories of two completely different people. Will you choose to see yourself as mostly column A or mostly column B? After all the facts are considered, only you can make the choice.

Real Power. Enjoy it.


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