Dammit, I’m Not Homeless

My house didn’t burn down last year, but I’m not complaining about it to State Farm. Last April, I had surgery for a tumor that turned out to be nothing, but I’m not griping that I don’t have pancreatic cancer.

Maybe I’m just too forgiving about dodging a bullet. At least it seems that way, now that we have people complaining that no tsunami hit Hawaii in the wake–literally–of an 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile.

How do we explain the fact that hundreds, possibly thousands, of people are upset with the agencies that track such things for issuing an alert without delivering on the threat?

Like a tornado warning, a tsunami alert indicates the risk of a massively destructive wall of water is high and cautionary steps should be taken. It’s an alert, not a promise.

Still, many people seem to think they are owed some calamitous personal loss in exchange for paying attention to the tsunami alert. Otherwise, what’s the point?

My house is still standing, dammit. I want a refund.


One Response to Dammit, I’m Not Homeless

  1. Larry Carpenter says:

    We live in a world where unless the payoff for the media consuming our time ends in disaster, somehow we are upset. We expect Watergate, we expect OJ . . . that leads us to Tiger. More time has been spent on Tiger, who committed no crime, who did nothing that most men with his money would have done, is now vermin? I think not. All he has to do is go out and play golf. If he is as good as I think he is, he will have companies more than willing to take a chance on him again.

    I guess what I am saying in response to this post is that the initial threat, caused by an action, might have ripples that could turn into mountains, but most of the time, they do not.

    People in Hawaii reacted. They go out and buy all the toilet paper they can, just in case. I understand. I lived there for 10 years.

    People panic re: Tiger. He will return, even stronger. If he wants to. If — he wants to. If he decides he doesn’t want to be Tiger anymore, that is fine. He can curl up his tail and never have to worry again. But I think he will come out of this just fine.


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