Urgent, but totally unimportant

I’m leaving for several days on a trip–Attention, burglars, there is an alarm system and toxic waste in the house–and I am in a panic about my online life.

I actually checked out my various blog/networking sites, took a last look at my ever-so-important FaceBook friends and made sure there were no incredible new job offers on LinkedIn before I leave. After all, who could ever leave home while FaceBook friends were waiting for a reply.

Thankfully, all is quiet on the home front, which is what all the cognoscenti call the World Wide Weboblogosphere. None of the news I missed while out of town last week was all that important and it will most likely turn ou…….

Wait a minute.

Every time I take a flight and bring aboard two months of reading that piled up and seemed terribly urgent, I read through about 8,000 pages and recognize that it wasn’t urgent at all. And every time I return from a trip and start going back to “older posts” and older and older, it’s the same thing. In fact, I cannot remember the last time, or any time, that I scrolled through a million social networking posts and found something I really truly needed to know.

Perhaps, just maybe, possibly, this is one of those things that seems to be terribly important, urgent, even life-changing, but ultimately isn’t. Maybe I can survive without checking in on FaceBook and LinkedIn and all the other social networks that define my Socialite existence.

Maybe it’s safe to take an old fashioned vacation, after all. Wish me luck. It’s been a long, long time.

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4 Responses to Urgent, but totally unimportant

  1. Barry R Wallach says:

    Could it be that my Facebook posts have not transformed your life? Is it possible that you missed my reveals on the meaning of life, or eternal youth, or peace in the Middle East or when L Lohan would be eligible for early release? I am aghast- but will try to find posts with potentially more meaning to your life.

    Travel safe to wherever. During your time out- you may well wish to reflect anew on my Facebook posts and re-consider your libelous assertions- lest a summons await you on your return


  2. Dave Armon says:

    Michael — The toxic waste threat didn’t work. I am enjoying your home while you bake on the beach. Can’t seem to find the cork screw. Is it in one of the kitchen drawers?

    — Dave

  3. Timely post. I was just thinking this morning about the concept of Sabbath. I wonder if it’s not one of those things we need more than we realize. May you enjoy your vacation, Michael.

    • Michael Rosenbaum says:


      I had a post a few weeks ago about Sacred Time, which is actually a term I picked up from Thomas Cahill’s “The Gift of the Jews.” Time to regroup, refresh, think about things outside ourselves and material existence, all very good for us.

      Interestingly, we know our children need a “time out” when they’re overstimulated, but we seldom recognize how often we need the same thing.

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