About the Author

Michael Rosenbaum is a dad, a husband, a friend and a very good listener. He’s also a very bright guy; so bright, in fact, that he knows he has lots to learn. And he knows he can learn something new from everyone he meets.

 A former reporter and editor for newspapers, magazines and wire services, Michael knows everyone has a story worth hearing. So he listens, and he takes notes, as people reveal their special insights into their corner of the world.

 Michael is also a very efficient guy who figured out how to save lots of time and energy by learning from the experiences—and errors—of other people. “Why duplicate the mistakes of other people,” he asks, “when I can come up with tons of new mistakes on my own?”

 A business consultant by trade, Michael is the author of three business texts; former president of Financial Relations Board, the nation’s largest investor relations agency; co-author of Pitching Penguins, a theatrical comedy; founder of Friends of the Forum, a non-profit focused on Polish/Jewish dialogue; active in a number of non-profits and a member of the World Presidents’ Organization.

 Other books by Michael Rosenbaum include:

  •   Board Perspectives: Building Value Through Investor Relations, CCH, 2004
  • The Governance Game, Aspatore, 2003
  • Selling Your Story to Wall Street: The Art and Science of Investor Relations, book,  McGraw-Hill, 1994

Michael can be reached at michael@rosenbaumadvisors.com


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