Life Lessons from People Like You

Cops and psychologists, bureaucrats and salesmen, lion tamers and morticians…everybody’s got a story to tell and a life lesson we can take to heart. In the Your Name Here GUIDE TO LIFE, you’ll meet all kinds of accidental teachers, from balloon boy to Mother Theresa and Mr. Totally Secure.  

It’s all here, along with a few insights about how to be truly happy.

This is the book you’d write about your life and your wisdom, if we hadn’t done all the work for you. Author Michael Rosenbaum has been recording the insights of everyday people for decades, capturing our essential truths and documenting our follies.  This collection of life lessons delivers an instructive and funny tour of the human condition.

Warning: Intended solely for people with open minds and common sense. Contains no preaching, lecturing, threats or magic formulas. Do not read this book while operating heavy machinery or performing brain surgery.


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